Meet The Team

You will grow to really appreciate the team we’ve assembled for you. Everyone is experienced in their roles, helping the directors/owners (and their staff when necessary) of small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses.

As we’ve said elsewhere on this site, if you’re looking for someone to expertly look after your payroll, we really have the team, the skills, the knowledge and the expertise to help you.

Here’s a brief introduction to the Directors and staff…

Pictured at their offices at Lancer Buildings, Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh, Co Tyrone, BT78 5EJ

The Simplipayroll Team – December 2015

Jim Turbett – Director

Jim is a Chartered Accountant. He has enjoyed growing the company from dealing with a handful of clients to now dealing with over several hundred.

Jim’s efficiency to meeting deadlines has become the company ethos which is upheld throughout the business.

Geralynn Kelly – Director

Geralynn trained in the environment of one of the top four international firms of chartered accountants.

She has overseen the management and growth of this business since 1989.

She personally manages a wide ranging portfolio of clients across all business sectors. She helps clients deal with HR issues and specialises in Contracts of Employment

Mellissa McGrath – Director

Mellissa is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience working in business environments.

Emma Pinkerton – Manager

Emma joined the business in 2006. She obtained her accountancy qualifications in 2008, and has since obtained a wide variety of experience in all PAYE matters.

Emma now oversees the provision of high quality, timely payroll services to all our clients in her role as Office Manager of Simplipayroll.

June Kee

Paula Lyttle

Andrew Burnside

James Marshall