Workplace pension laws are changing, with new duties on employers in relation to their workforce. Since October 2012 employers who have reached their staging date will be obliged to automatically enrol eligible jobholders into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and pay contributions for scheme members.

The Pensions Regulator has stated that: “Payroll software is expected to play a key role to enable employers to comply with Auto Enrolment legislation.” With this in mind and the fact that many organisations are struggling to complete the necessary administration on time, we have developed options based around our own payroll and HR software.

1. Auto-enrolment software

Our auto enrolment module is designed to efficiently manage the complete auto enrolment process. There is no importing and exporting of data, as it is all stored within the payroll database. Once set-up the assessment routine is integrated into the payroll process and automatically produces all the required employee notices. It can manage all activities related to your staging date, allowing you to be prepared on time. It also provides on-going employee monitoring with automatic notices sent via email when a member of staff becomes eligible for auto-enrolment as well as the management of employee opt ins and opt outs as required.

2. Auto-enrolment and payroll administration service

Our auto-enrolment administration service makes use of our software and is designed to deliver a cost-effective solution to the employer duties associated with auto-enrolment. Our service will support the one off peak workload at your staging date and the on-going administrative burden associated with auto enrolment. We can take on any or all stages of the process, enabling organisations to avoid having to recruit or train additional staff, whilst providing assurance that all of your administration will be completed in advance of your staging date and will meet legal requirements.

Why should my organisation outsource auto-enrolment?

  • Eliminates the need to find and train resources for a one-off peak activity
  • Reduces risk of non-compliance – outsourcing to an expert helps with your employer duties and compliance with legislation
  • Cost effective – organisations can benefit from the economies of scale provided by outsourcing
  • No requirement for additional third party software
  • Allows management the time to focus on core business activities

Why should I outsource auto-enrolment to Simplipayroll?

  • We are payroll and HR experts – we work for over 500 clients and are highly experienced in payroll and compliance
  • We are able to assist in choosing the most appropriate qualifying pension scheme for your organisation
  • Our costs are highly competitive thanks to the economies of scale we can offer
  • We automatically send and record employee communications via email and manage opt ins and opt outs

Want to know more?

For further information on our Auto Enrolment solutions please contact Emma on 028 8224 6938 or email